Drafting of Part 8 Proceedings

Our Litigation Department will prepare all Part 8 Proceedings in accordance with the relevant CPR and Practice Directions applicable. The completed Proceedings will be sent to you via email for endorsement and service with all relevant documentation.

Cost Budgeting

Your dedicated draftsman will ensure that they understand your individual approach to litigation to enable effective planning and ensure accuracy, whilst working to strict deadlines during the costs management process.

We offer a full costs budgeting and management service which incorporates:

  • Preparation of costs to date and projected budgets.
  • Consideration and advice on opponents’ budgets in conjunction with your own views.
  • Advocacy at any costs management stage which requires costs input by one of our Costs Lawyers.

We offer a range of cost effective payment solutions for the costs budgeting process which will enable you to manage the cost to your firm and ensure you meet your obligations under the costs management and budgeting rules.

Drafting of Points of Reply

Our experienced Cost Drafting Team will prepare Points of Reply once in receipt of the paying parties Points of Dispute subject to your instructions.

Schedule & Negotiate

We will prepare a Schedule of Costs for submission to you for approval within five working days of receipt. Once approved we will commence negotiations undertaking the necessary procedures to conclude your claim for costs as quickly as possible.

Bill & Negotiate

Our experienced Cost Drafting Team will prepare a Bill of costs for submission to the third party within ten working days for fast track matters and fifteen working days on multi track matters up to a bill value of £100,000. Your file is then passed to our Negotiation Team who will take over conduct of the file and thereafter undertake the necessary procedures to conclude your claim for costs. Our Negotiation Team will ensure that regular updates are provided to you with regard to the progress of each case. They will also provide the necessary advice and guidance with regard to acceptance of offers from the paying party or alternative available methods to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.  Where we have negotiated a settlement on your behalf, if this is not paid within 21 days you agree to return the file to Elite with 7 days, we will prepare and serve appropriate applications in order to recover the costs agreed on your behalf.  Elite will charge the paying party for this service, however you will pay the fee as a disbursement.

Bill & Return

Our experienced Cost Drafting Team will prepare a Bill of costs for you within ten working days of receipt of the file and all required documentation. The Bill will be sent to you via email. In addition we will also provide all necessary documentation for service including copy vouchers and completed N252.

Form 1 Statement of Costs

Our experienced Cost Drafting Team will prepare a Statement of Costs and return your file to you within 5 working days of receipt of your full file of papers.